Nunavut Seals

  • Nunavut
    Canada's biggest and newest territory: 1,900,000 sq . km. with 28,000 people living in 26 communities.

    The Inuit seal hunt, pivotal in our culture, is a sustainable use of a plentiful resource. Of a Nunavut ring seal population, estimated at more than 1.5 million, only a relatively small number of seals are harvested annually, much less than the sustainable yield. We are ready to share our resources, our handiwork and our traditions with the world. Reaching out, with fashionable designs, continuing our rich indigenous tradition into a new time in a new millennium.

    People and Seals
    Once a nomadic people, surviving on a seasonal harvest, we remain closely tied to our land and its resources. The seal hunt is a cornerstone in our social culture and economic well being, important to the entire fabric of the community. The harvesting, working and selling of seal skins complement other community activities including craft production and tourism. The skills of hunting, cutting the meat and treating the skins are learned at an early age. Sewing of sealskin mittens, kamiks (boots) and parkas for the family utilizes some of the quality skins from the subsistence hunt. Income earned from the sale of surplus sealskins and skin products is used to finance hunting equipment and supplies. This continues to put food on the table through changing times.
    In a land of scant vegetation and prohibitive costs for imported foods, the seal is truly our "daily bread".

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