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  • Alberta Trappers Association
    We see an Alberta where the harvesting of wild furbearers is an ongoing, respected management activity that helps to ensure the continuation of this part of Alberta's heritage, culture and identity.
    Anishinabek Nation
    The Anishinabek Nation, founded in 1949 as the Union of Ontario Indians, is a political advocate and secretariat to 43 member First Nations across Ontario.
    Canadian National trappers Alliance
    The Canadian National Trappers Alliance is the only National trapping organization in Canada. The aim of the Alliance is to promote the welfare of Canadian trappers, and maintain and enhance the heritage of the wild fur industry as a sustainable resource.
    Fur Council of Canada
    The Fur Council of Canada is a national, non-profit federation representing people working in every sector of the Canadian fur trade. This includes fur producers, auction houses, processors, designers, craftspeople and retail furriers.
    Fur Institue of Canada
    A national non-profit organization, established in 1983 on the initiative of the federal, provincial and territorial Wildlife Ministers to pursue the work of the Federal-Provincial Committee for Humane Trapping. The Institute is an umbrella organization for the fur industry across Canada. We are committed to delivering information to the media, the general public and governments pertaining to the economic, social, cultural and environmental issues surrounding today’s fur trade. All sectors of the industry and stakeholder groups are represented in the membership, and on the Board of Directors.
    International Fur Trade Federation
    First established in 1949, the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) is an independent international federation of national fur trade associations and organisations. It is often referred to as the "United Nations of the world's fur industry". Through its work and the activities of its members, IFTF seeks to promote a factual image of today's fur trade.
    National Trappers Association
    We, the Trappers of North America, prompted by a feeling of profound respect and gratitude toward the many valiant Fur Trappers who have gone before us, whose courageous deeds and exploits will forever embellish the pages of our Nations' early history, and being duly grateful for the rich legacy of wildlife bequeathed by our predecessors, do associate ourselves for the following purposes: To promote sound conservation, legislation and administrative procedures; To save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of the United States; To promote sound environmental education programs; and To promote a continued annual fur harvest using the best tools presently available for that purpose.
    New Brunswick Trappers Association
    The NBTFHF originated in January 1996 with the amalgamation of the New Brunswick Trappers Association, which originated in 1974 and the New Brunswick Fur Harvesters Association, which originated in 1993. We are currently the only recognized Provincial trapping association in New Brunswick.
    Newfoundland & Labrador Trappers Association
    To promote and preserve the trapping heritage of our province by working cooperatively with our resource management agencies and other stakeholders, representing the best interest of our province’s trappers and educating new and veteran trappers, as well as the interested public, in the latest innovative methods, equipment and economic and cultural value of our profession.
    Ontario Fur Managers Federation
    Our Federation, with the support of individual trappers, along with natural resource partners and others, will promote our heritage and our future through sustainable, professional and humane fur management practices.
    Saga Furs
    Saga Furs, Helsinki, Finland.
    Trans Canada Trapline Co
    It has always been our policy to carry only top quality, proven and respected products. This year, we have added the quality LDL line of Ontario manufactured traps to our inventory. Trans Canada Trapline Co. currently offers the largest selection of certified trap brands available in Canada. We have added three new models of Nokian Boots to our line up.
    Trappers Federation of Quebec
    La Fédération des trappeurs gestionnaires du Québec est un organisme sans but lucratif, fondé en vertu de la loi sur les compagnies. Son conseil d'administration est formé de quatorze représentants des associations régionales affiliées de trappeurs du Québec. Le conseil exécutif de la FTGQ est élu à l'assemblée générale annuelle lors du congrès. Ce conseil est formé de cinq représentants parmi les présidents régionaux et les administrateurs des associations affiliées.