An innovative documentary series about one hardworking young man’s life on the trap-line. Andrew Stanley is an Inuvialuit hunter and trapper living alone in a small log cabin on the Hay River in Canada’s Northwest Territories. He spends most of the year on the land with only Charlie dog, his faithful beaver-retrieving black lab, for company. Up before the sun each morning, Andrew labors from dawn until well after dusk maintaining his camp, checking and setting traps, cleaning and prepping his pelts for auction, and documenting his unique lifestyle for his 12,000 loyal YouTube subscribers.

    Stanley is a 3rd generation trapper, running 80 km’s of dedicated trap line in remote NWT landscapes. The series highlights Northern wilderness, trapping, and outdoor survival like no other show to date. The story arc will cover everything in a trapper’s season; hauling wood and water, preparing the bait, building and setting traps, riding and endlessly fixing his old Bravo snow machines are all part of the hard and dangerous work of a solitary trappers life. In all, this work leads to the most important part of Stanley’s job – delicately skinning and preparing a winters worth of hard-earned pelts for sale at the end of winter’s trapping season.

    Fur Harvesters NWT represents a pro-fur industry perspective. We use fur-positive visuals and interviews to celebrate this traditional economy. We show fur as a natural and renewable resource, being ethically harvested by an indigenous trapper, and we proudly defend this industry that is such an important part of our Canadian heritage and history.


Coming soon:
- FHA Convention Episode -
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