Conditions of Sale

  • 1. FHA’s sales commission is 11%.

    2. There are shipping costs for using FHA’s pickup services and sending fur through our agents. Please check your appropriate schedule for the applicable amounts.

    3. FHA will sell your pelts at its discretion. As always, FHA will continue to protect your interest and obtain the best prices possible for your fur.

    4. If not previously paid, royalties will be deducted and remitted to the province in question, when applicable.

    5. Your fur shipment is fully insured by FHA when your agent issues you a receipt. Your shipment is also insured if you ship directly to FHA by a common registered carrier. (Canada ONLY - U.S. shippers must send through FHA agent. See U.S. Shipping Info)

    6. FHA’s sales are conducted in U.S. dollars. If you are a Canadian shipper, your proceeds will be converted and paid to you in Canadian funds.

    7. Trappers with inactive accounts or accounts with sales under $5.00 will not receive a check or statement. However, these proceeds will be kept in your account and once your sales surpass $5.00, a check will be issued. Previous statements can be viewed online. If you need help accessing your online account, please contact our office.

    8. Drumming charges will be deducted for all long hair pelts that are drummed. Drumming cleans and improves the appearance of the long haired pelts and increases their value.

    9. A shrinkage allowance is calculated on all castoreum shipments. The amount of this allowance is at FHA’s discretion.

    10. Unsold goods are not returnable. They will be re-offered on subsequent sales until sold or declared to be of “no value” in the case of poor quality skins with no commercial value.

    11. Skins that are deemed to have no commercial value will be turned over to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for disposal. These skins will appear on printout as “no value”.