Auction Quantities

  • UPDATED March 5, 2021
  • Fur Harvesters Auction is pleased to announce the following preliminary quantities of Wild Fur and our premier Canadian Ranch Mink collection under the “Canadian Mystique Label”. Show days will commence April 15 & 16 to a limited number of pre-registered buyers. Online bidding will also commence on April 15 with articles closing from April 17-19. The closing schedule will be available to registered buyers.

    Fur Harvesters Auction is extremely pleased with the support we are receiving from North America fur producers and we greatly appreciate the confidence you have shown for FHA.

  • April 17 - 19, 2021
    WILD FUR  
    Beaver 75,000
    Wild Mink 18,000
    Otter 6,000
    Fisher 11,000
    Sable 20,000
    Lynx 2,700
    Lynx Cat 8,500
    Red Fox 23,000
    Grey Fox 3,500
    Arctic Fox 300
    Cross Fox 250
    Silver Fox 70
    Ranch Fox 5,000
    Muskrat 80,000
    Raccoon 110,000
    Coyote 30,000
    Black Bear 250
    Opossum 5,000
    Nutria 400
    Badger 800
    Wolf 400
    Wolverine 80
    Squirrel 3,000
    Ermine 17,000
    Pastel 25,000
    Mahogany 40,000
    Brown 7,500
    Silver Blue 8,500
    Polar 1,500
    Rancher Assortements:  
    RBR Fur Farm  
    Eberts Fur Farm  
    Williams Fur Farm  
    Bollert Farms  
    For further info please contact:
    Barry Jordan 226-503-9394
    Dave Bosma 705-493-4688
  • Catalogue for each species will be available online as they are completed. Catalogue with prices will be posted when auction is complete. Order of sale is subject to change.


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